Tri-Chem Industries offers a variety of products and services to meet the specialty chemical and blending needs of our clients in their respective industries. Please visit our product pages for more information.

Tri-Chem Industries’ warehouses and blending facility

Custom Chemical Blending

Tri-Chem Industries has the capability to formulate and provide custom chemical blending of specific products for individual clients. We provide blending services specifically targeted for the Texas, Louisiana, and Gulf Coast region.  We have a full scale, UL certified lab to ensure the quality and precise specifications of our final product. Please see our custom chemical blending page for more information.

Phosphoric Acid

Tri-Chem Industries supplies food, technical, and industrial-grade (Purified Green Acid) Phosphoric Acid in a variety of concentrations and quantities for a variety of uses including fertilizers, detergents, food and beverages, cleaners, feed additives, and other commercial uses. Standard Phosphoric Acid concentrations are 75% and 85%, but Tri-Chem Industries can dilute Phosphoric Acid concentrations to customer specifications. We also provide 95%-115% Polyphosphoric Acid. Please see our Phosphoric Acid page for product information.

Citric Acid

Tri-Chem Industries provides high-quality citric acid in powder and solution form for a variety of uses such as an additive in food and beverages or for industrial cleaning. Our citric acid solution is a standard 50% solution with capabilities to blend citric acid solutions to customer specifications. Please visit our citric acid page for product information.

Silicone Antifoam and Emulsions

Silicone antifoam is a dimethylpolysiloxane emulsion and works extremely well in most aqueous systems. Tri-Chem Industries has several silicone antifoam products for preventive antifoaming and quick knockdown defoaming for ideal use in food processing and industrial applications. Please see our silicone antifoam and emulsions page for more information.


Tri-Chem Industries offers a variety of phosphates for food and industrial applications. We supply sodium and potassium phosphates as well as solution phosphates for a variety of applications, including water treatment. Please see our phosphates page for information on the specific phosphates and solutions we offer.

Asphalt Additives

We partner with Alberty Additives to create several products for the polymer modified asphalt industry. These formulations have demonstrated the ability to optimize the rubber/polymer addition, reduce production costs, and improve the compatibility characteristics of the asphalt. Please see our asphalt additives page for more information.